Coatings Plus: The Premiere West Michigan Powder Coating Company A photo of a large part being powder coat painted at the Coatings Plus painting facilities in Grand Rapids, West Michigan.
Coatings Plus is the premiere Powder Coat Painting Provider in Grand Rapids, West Michigan. We offer environmentally responsible powder coating, 3-day turnaround, a comprehensive part washing system, 40,000 sq. ft. of part storage and have the ability to do small runs and large parts.

Project Portfolio

Since Coatings Plus is a flexible shop, we can work on a number of large and small parts in various runs for many industries. Below are some projects we've worked on that show the wide range of our powder coating abilitiies.


Case Studies

  • A customer needed multiple colors on his decorative globes in order to move work from China to West Michigan. Coatings Plus developed a repeatable process that was both aesthetically appealing and cost effective.

  • A customer had a high volume part that needed to be painted, but required that significant machined surfaces remain “raw”. The traditional process would require extensive masking, which would increase the piece part cost. Coatings Plus designed custom tooling to “self mask” and utilized the Faraday Cage Effect to keep paint off critical surfaces. The end result was a quality finish, no paint on the machined surfaces all within the customer’s target price.

  • A customer was not satisfied with the finish on small aluminum extruded parts requiring a “Class A” finish. Coatings Plus developed a unique pretreatment process that solve the problem.

  • A customer needed a “Class A” finish on appliance handles at a competitive price. Coatings Plus built custom hooks that positioned the part to reduce dirt, mask the contact point for improved transfer efficiency and accommodated a large number of handles per hook.

  • A client experienced a field failure with one of their “holding tanks”. Coatings Plus worked with a powder vendor to identify a specific primer for this application. The new primer was then covered with a heavy coating of powder, and the problem was solved.


Project Photos

Click any image for a larger version.

6 Silver Globes on  hooks for painting.  Appliance handles hanging up on a line. A large utility box.


Appliance handles hanging up on a line.  Black rods hanging up on a line. A small 3 inch red part.


Three small red painted parts.  A white square frame.


Three small green painted parts and a rod.  Three small green painted parts.


A detailed yellow painted part.  A detailed yellow painted part.


Jeff stands by a very large painted part.  Jeff stands by a very large painted part.