Coatings Plus: The Premiere West Michigan Powder Coating Company

Coatings Plus is the premiere Powder Coat Painting Provider in Grand Rapids, West Michigan. We offer environmentally responsible powder coating, 3-day turnaround, a comprehensive part washing system, 40,000 sq. ft. of part storage and have the ability to do small runs and large parts.


Coatings Plus Capabilities:
Pretreatment Process In Detail

Pretreatment is a very important process to achieve the best finish possible. Coatings Plus offers both In Line and Off Line Pretreatment processes to prewash your parts.

We also offer prewash treatment as a separate service for businesses that have their own painting lines and just need prewash services.

In Line Process: 5 Stage Washer

5 Stage Washer for the Coatings Plus In Line Pretreatment Process

  • Iron Phosphate wash
  • 130 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 30 PSI
  • Daily Titration Tests

Off Line Process: 1,500 PSI Power Washer

Off Line Pretreatment Process: 1500 PSI Power Washer

  • Degreaser to remove oils
  • Iron Phosphate conversion coating to ensure proper paint adhesion





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