Coatings Plus: The Premiere West Michigan Powder Coating Company

Coatings Plus is the premiere Powder Coat Painting Provider in Grand Rapids, West Michigan. We offer environmentally responsible powder coating, 3-day turnaround, a comprehensive part washing system, 40,000 sq. ft. of part storage and have the ability to do small runs and large parts.


Coatings Plus Capabilities

Coatings Plus can handle a wide variety of your powder coating needs. We have the capability to run small runs, large runs, small parts and large parts.

Small and Large Size parts

At Coatings Plus we have a paint conveyor for small to medium sized parts and long production runs. For large parts and small batches, we have several off line booths and ovens to fill your needs. Please click on "equipment specifications" for exact part size capabilities.

Hook Design

We have extensive in-house experience in optimum hook design. For high volume parts we have the knowledge and tools to design and build dedicated tooling to fit your specific parts. Not only can proper hook design improve the paint quality of your parts, but it can save you lots of money by improving transfer efficiency and minimizing masking requirements.

Burn Off Oven

We have our own burn off oven to remove accumulated paint from hooks - no need to outsource this very important task. We clean our hooks regularly to improve paint transfer efficiency and reduce "hook marks".

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