Coatings Plus: The Premiere West Michigan Powder Coating Company A photo of a large part being powder coat painted at the Coatings Plus painting facilities in Grand Rapids, West Michigan.
Coatings Plus is the premiere Powder Coat Painting Provider in Grand Rapids, West Michigan. We offer environmentally responsible powder coating, 3-day turnaround, a comprehensive part washing system, 40,000 sq. ft. of part storage and have the ability to do small runs and large parts.

Press Release:

Coatings Plus Under New Ownership!

June 2007


On June 1st, 2007, Bob Rabe and Jeff Stegmeier purchased the existing Coatings Plus facility located at 675 Chestnut ST SW, Grand Rapids, MI. Both owners have over 25 years of experience in the West Michigan manufacturing community and are looking forward to building lasting relationships with the local fabricators. Since purchasing the business, Bob and Jeff have implemented the following process improvements to assure that customers are delighted with the quality of the finish:

  • Implemented a hook cleaning process to maximize transfer efficiency and minimize hook marks.
  • Cleaned the washer tanks for improved pretreatment and reduction in contaminants.
  • Cleaned the overhead conveyor with a 40,000 psi power washer to remove accumulated dirt.
  • Power washed the interior of the ovens.
  • Installed an air dryer for the compressed air delivery system to create a more consistent finish.

Any questions can be directed to Jeff Stegmeier, co-owner of Coatings Plus at (616) 451-2427.