Coatings Plus: The Premiere West Michigan Powder Coating Company A photo of a large part being powder coat painted at the Coatings Plus painting facilities in Grand Rapids, West Michigan.
Coatings Plus is the premiere Powder Coat Painting Provider in Grand Rapids, West Michigan. We offer environmentally responsible powder coating, 3-day turnaround, a comprehensive part washing system, 40,000 sq. ft. of part storage and have the ability to do small runs and large parts.

Powder Coating Experience That Counts!

Bob Rabe and Jeff Stegmeier, the new owners of Coatings Plus, have over 30 years of paint experience and over 45 years of experience in the manufacturing environment. At our large Grand Rapids facility in west Michigan, we have the capability to effectively pre-wash and powder paint your parts.

Maximize your Product and Be Environmentally Green!

Electrostatic powder coating is the process of choice for producing a high quality and durable finish. Not only is it a cost efficient method of painting, but with its absence of solvents and heavy metals, it’s the environmentally responsible option as well.

Bob Rabe, Co-owner of Coatings Plus.Bob Rabe

During Bob’s 25+ years in the finishing industry, he has gained extensive knowledge pertaining to paints, the related equipment, and the application process including:

  • Washing / Pretreatment strategies
  • Paint selection
  • Equipment selection and installation
  • Standard Work
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Hook design / Part presentation

Bob's responsibilities at Coatings Plus include project quoting, hook design, and coatings selection.

Jeff Stegmeier, Co-owner of Coatings PlusJeff Stegmeier

Jeff Stegmeier has 25 years of experience in the manufacturing environment and has extensive experience in lean manufacturing including the following:

  • Kaizen Events
  • Value Stream Maps
  • 5S
  • Heijunka Boards

At Coatings Plus Jeff handles the business administration side of the business including credit approval, accounts receivable, accounts payable and project management.

Sheila Rabe, Employee at Coatings PlusSheila Rabe

Sheila handles all of the invoicing and billing at Coatings Plus. Please contact her regarding schedule availability, shipping and receiving.


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